Music videos

Being on set with other creatives is a very different environment than spending time with a bride on their big day. As much as I love working one to one with brides in a calm atmosphere while I create a detailed look. On location or at a studio shooting a music video is where I feel i thrive.

When working on set you have to be organized keeping hair and makeup area clean and tidy so your ready for the next Artist, Model, dancer or extra to walk in. Also working at a fast pace is a must as time can be limited ,sometimes given only 30 minutes for a hair and makeup change whilst sticking to the brief and still being as creative as possible in a short space of time.

I love the buzz and enjoy working under pressure and working to a deadline, everyone running around having a different job to do to make the day a success. It’s exciting and having my part to play is just amazing.

Head Hair and Makeup

  • WSTRN- Come down (Remix) Ft. Yungen
  • NAT SLATER- Gimme your Number
  • KREPT AND KONAN- Last night
  • BIMBI- It’s Bimbi
  • K-ADEL-Driving around the city
  • DAVIDO-Money Ft.Olamide (Assisted)